Clean Energy for a Brighter Future.
Edward J. Klaeger IV   Founder & Chief Executive Officer   >
  • Over 20 years of experience in international financial markets and business development;
  • Eight years in renewable energy project development and finance;
  • Heads global corporate operations and investments.
  • Previously was a Member of the Board of The European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA);
  • Previously was the Head of the EUEA Biomass Working Group;
  • Was a founding member of the OECD Ukraine Biomass Strategy Working Group and Ukraine Green Tariff Commission;
Finn Lauritsen   Biomass Specialist   >
  • More than 28 years in the energy and environmental sectors with 15 years in EE on EU financed projects;
  • Expertise in the development and finance of biomass power and combined heat and power projects;
  • Expertise in District Heating production systems and distribution networks;
    Fluent in Russian.
Bernhard Jud   Director of Hydro Power Operations   >
  • Hydro engineer with 23 years of experience building 31 stations in 15 countries;
  • Provides turn-key project management to AEG as founder and CEO of IBJ Consulting;
  • Fluent in German and English
Herbert Holy   Member of the Board   >
  • Self-employed entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in:
  • Energy infrastructure development and construction for foreign companies in Austria
  • Business management
  • Trading of manufactured goods
  • Import and export
  • Gastronomies
  • Hospitality industry
Dr. John Massingill    Head of R&D  >
  • Dr. Massingill previously worked at Dow Chemical for 25 years and is the patent inventor and owner for the Fiber Reactorâ„¢ technology in the bio-oil and biodiesel Fields. Dr. Massingill holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Texas Christian University and heads the scientific research team.